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Read 4 essential strategies that every team manager should know and apply in recruiting process to retain your recruitment rockstars in your team.
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Dealing with Recruiter Attrition – 4 Essential Strategies All Team Managers Should Know

Apply these strategies to hire and retain recruiting rock stars in your team

Dealing with Recruiter Attrition – 4 Essential Strategies All Team Managers Should Know

21 August 2018

The talent war is not only being fought to get the best candidates for your clients but also to hire and retain recruiting rock stars in your own team.

Yes, these are your recruitment warriors, the stars who close your most high value positions.

The good news is that much of the attrition in staffing firms is preventable by following sound recruiting strategies that would pay you back many times over in lost manpower.

  • 1. Select Smart –
    Your retention strategy should start with having a smart hiring process that effectively minimizes if not eliminates candidates most likely to leave. Here you can follow certain clear guidelines:

      • 1. Clarity in Job Descriptions – When hiring, make sure candidates clearly understand job duties and goals. Clear directions help get rid of employee stress and errors and will ensure that you get the right person for the job, not just someone who has the right degree.
      • 2. Logistics – Proximity to place of work and commute time is an important factor in employee retention. This is especially important when hiring female candidates. In case you spot a bright candidate who stays too far from your office be sure to clarify how they intend to manage their commute logistics.
      • 3. Learn About Potential Hires – Do not rely solely on what a candidate tells you. Leverage social media to check his social networking profiles. Although this won’t prevent all problems, it can help you avoid clear recruiting mistakes, such as an employee who shares on Facebook that he’s taking this job until he lands a better offer.


  • 2. Enhance the On-boarding Experience –How you welcome a new employee into your organization is critical. Make sure that new hires feel welcomed, valued, and prepared for what lies ahead.According to a report published by the Aberdeen Group (Onboarding Benchmark Report: Technology Drivers Help Improve the New Hire Experience):“Although 90% of companies believe that their employees make their decision to stay at the company within the first 6 months, many of these companies do not recognize or acknowledge how on boarding impacts retention rates and time to productivity.”Invest in technology to enable your new hires to deliver a smoother transition from the selection to deployment stages –
      • 1. Eliminate all of your paper and spreadsheet-based processes.
      • 2. Use automated / web-based technology solutions to improve time to productivity, and showcase the company brand.


  • 3. Invest in their Growth – Your recruiting czar will almost certainly jump ship as soon as she receives a better offer. So make sure your benefits and compensation package is on par with industry standards.Never cause an employee to feel undervalued which can only result in frustration and reduced productivity.
    Showcase your salary and benefits package and make sure you adjust it in keeping with experience and skills.
  • 4. Give Them What They Deserve – Create devoted, growing employees who will benefit both your business and themselves through your training and development opportunities:
    • 1. Train team members in a new or niche domain for which requirements are being received.
    • 2. Newer & emerging methods of sourcing, interviewing etc. that are more efficient & effective. For e.g. using online tools/forums for sourcing.
    • 3. Training on specialized recruitment methods such as Headhunting techniques & interacting with senior-level candidates.
    • 4. Automating routine recruitment tasks using recruitment automation software.

Dealing with attrition need not be the dilemma it is made out to be – just make sure you have a well thought out hiring practice combined with a high-quality on-boarding experience and then proactively make the effort to understand and manage your employees’ expectations.

These are just a few aspects of overcoming attrition. What other best practices and strategies do you think would be effective? Do share your insights on this hot issue to keep the debate going!

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