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Candidate Management

Power and Versatility to Drive Any Process

Talenture RS Rich Candidate Management

Each Candidate is a Gem. Don’t lose any.

Each candidate has unique skills, and experiences. Tools to help you find you candidate with ease even if the requirements are most specific.

One Candidate. One History.

Candidate Management with automatic and intelligent duplicacy resolution ensures unique recruitment and communication history.

AI Driven Search to find the most suited.

Intelligent Hieuristics to rank candidates on different parameters like recency, availability, employability, or combination of these along with recruitment history enables you to achieve the best fit for your openings.

Rich library of tools to drive any process.

Public and Private Candidates, Unlimited Private and Public Collections, Functional Classification, and many other tools to help you fuel the candidate needs of any recruiting process.


Achieve More through Effective Teamwork

Everyone Participates.

Platform that brings recruiters, managers, leads, and Business Development on the same page. Fine-grain work assignment, immediate notifications, and customizable data views provide a powerful platform for maximizing team efficiency and output.

Assign each part to its experts.

Fine Job Roles, Single or multiple assignment. Perform each part by team members best suited for the process whether candidate sourcing or client interaction.

Multi-level Team Management for effective Coordination and Delivery.

Organize teams hierarchy to reflect your organization structure. Manage teams through a Dedicated Workbench section ensuring immediate access to all relevant data for effective team management.

Talenture RS Powerful Recruiting Teamwork

Job Processing Engine

Versatile Engine that can handle all Processes

Talenture RS Versatile Job Processing Engine

Handle all Industries and Job Functions.

Rich library of diverse Job Workflows to handle every type of position whether from High Tech, IT, FMCG, Pharma, or Banking, or whether for a CXO position or a fresh graduate. Involve the right number of stages with the right participants for each stage.

Strict or Flexi, choose your style.

Allow the maximum freedom to your seasoned recruiters using Flexi workflows. And use a Strict process for your junior recruiters to avoid mistakes.

AI and Machine Learning Engine

Intelligence and Insights for faster and better Recruitments

Marvin, our Virtual Recruitment Expert.

Marvin uses AI and Machine Learning models to continuously monitor and analyse the ongoing recruitment process in order to make insightful suggestions for Better and Faster Recruitments.

Identify and fix  Process Gaps in time.

Improve your Candidate Pipeline, and Quality and Pace of your recruitment process in time to achieve goals faster.

AI and Machine Learning Platform in Talenture RS

CRM Platform

360 degree view of Relationships for faster Recruitment Actions

CDX (Cohesive Data and Actions) Sheets.

Powerful CDX sheets provide 360 degree view of each relationship. Recruitment actions, Communication,
Tasks and Notes in one place enable complete understanding of the up-to-date status, and highest efficiency in the process.

Nurture Relationships for today and tomorrow.

Relationships with Candidates, Clients, and Vendors are key to the success of Recruitment process today, and will provide the foundation for new business tomorrow.

CRM Platform provides an integrated enviroment for maintaining healthy relationships.

Talenture RS Powerful CRM Recruitment Platform


Insights to help you Review Today and Plan Tomorrow

100+ Single Click Reports.

Single-click reports with a variety of direct filters provide an tremendous platform to analyse each situation from multiple perspectives.
Different counts available to understand your business levels today so that you plan better strategies to ensure your future success.

Not Just status and action counts. Pace, Ratio, TAT, and many rich metrics.

Various metrics like Recruiting Pace, Candidate Ratio and Vacancy TAT to give you a comrehensive framework to analyse each recruiter, team, client, and process with ease.

Automatic Reports so that you don’t need to remember.

Schedule your reports with Daily, weekly, etc. frequency so that they reach your email inbox just when you require them with the required data coverage.

Talenture RS Strong Reports Analytics

Candidate Sourcing

Talenture RS Universal Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing from all Sources to fill any Job.

Source from Job Boards, Social Sites, Career Site, Email and Desktop folders alike to build an integrated pool to fulfil the requirements for any industry and position. Use the best sources for each position to ensure the highest results with least cost and effort.

External Collaboration

Client Delight through Direct Collaboration

Engage Clients Directly in your process.

Give your clients a secure and direct access into your system so that they not only provide their inputs fast but also view the progress on their positions in real-time.

Implement RPO with multiple Clients with full security.

Implement different levels of RPO process for multiple clients. Each client views and manages their recruiting process fully.

Talenture RS Collaborate With Clients

Business Development

Maintain and Nurture Business Relationships. Grow Business with Confidence.

Talenture RS Recruiting Powerful Business Development

Effective Communication is key to any Business Development Success.

Communication module with tracking of communication along jobs, clients and contacts keeps you on top no matter which way you are reviewing your communication. Ensures complete context for you when writing a new mail or replying or doing a follow up.

Complete Life Cycle of Contacts and Clients.

Manage your contacts and clients through different stages of relationship giving you an efficient specialized was to manage Business Relations for recruiting business.

Candidate Experience

Different Results through Differentiated Services.

Complete Recruitment History. Address the needs in the best manner.

Immediate access to the complete recruitment and communication history of the candidate empowers the recruiter do have most meaningful interactions with the candidates.

Complete Communication History. Progress through every message. Avoid mistakes in the team.

Complete history with each candidate is tracked and can be quickly accessed giving you an unmatched perspective for the next communication.

Unlimited Rich templates for Standard based Communication.

Use unlimited private and public templates with rich formatting to give your candidates a uniform experience irrespective of the person they interact with.

Talenture RS Improved Candidate Experience


No need to change. The product will adapt for you.

Talenture RS Full Customizability

Implement your processes and strategies for best results.

A Versatile Platform that allows you to implement your time-refined processes and strategies as-is. And at the same time, provide most optimal working platform to handle your changing needs as you grow.

Structure the product for highest productivity.

Use the Role level and user level customization to ensure that the each user uses the product which is most productive for them.

Complete Data Customization for maximum capture.

Virtually unlimited User Defined fields for all objects to enable to you to capture every small detail about each element in your process.


Interface for Highest Productivity

Maximum Multi-tasking through Tabbed interface.

Open each object and tool in a separate tab within the application to give you maximum multi-tasking. You can work on all related aspects of an action in one go thus saving a lot of time.

Simple Navigators to manage complex processes with ease.

Navigator model in a browser interface gives your team an unmatched productivity framework.

Separate Windows for Candidate Search and Email to enable maximum productivity.

Keep your Search and Email open at all times so that you do not do unnecessary clicks to access key parts of your process.

Talenture RS Interface for Highest Productivity

Mobile App

Recruit Anytime, Anywhere.

Talenture RS Mobile App for Recruitment Anytime, Anywhere

Perform Recruitment actions when most appropriate for best results.

Powerful Mobile App to enable recruitment actions when most appropriate for best results. Never miss the right time for your Candidates, Clients and Vendors.

Collaborate with Team at all times.

Access your process and data on your mobile devices to work with your teams at all times. A timely update and a meaningful note can make all the difference for you and your team.