Use Cases - Talenture RS Software
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Use Cases

Permanent Staffing to all Industries And Positions

1 or Tens or Hundreds of Recruiters. Versatility to manage all.

Talenture RS has complete functionality for end-to-end management of permanent staffing needs of all industries and position levels.

Whether you service clients in Software, hardware, FMCG, Finance, Banking, BPO or all, its rich platform will provide a comprehensive set of features for your automation needs.

Furthermore, a very high degree of customizability ensures that you can exactly configure the product as per the needs of your process for the highest productivity and maximum delight for your clients.


Executive Search

Manage the full depth and breadth of each position.


Executive Search requires a deeper and wider analysis, tracking of research, and longer duration of work on any position.

Talenture RS with its open architecture provides a solid platform the success of your Executive Search process.

Key specific functionalities are:

  • Fine-grain role assignment with full work sharing across team members.
  • Rich candidate management tools like Public and Private Candidate Pools, Headhunting Leads, Collections and Functional Classification, etc.
  • Unlimited User Defined fields for complete tracking.
  • Rich communication features.
  • Integration with social sites like LinkedIn.

Temp Staffing

Don’t get overwhelmed by the pace and volumes.

Temp staffing requires recruiters to work in a fast yet fully tracked process. Low margins for transactions require highest efficiency in the process.

Talenture RS provides a highly effective platform for ensuring highest productivity in your Temp process.

Key specific features are:

  • Flexi workflows for quick status management of candidates.
  • Private and Public collections.
  • Workflow dialogs with integrated communication functionality.
  • Communication functionality in virtually every view.
  • Mass Mail.
  • Unlimited templates for Jobs and Email.
  • Sourcing from popular Job Boards.
  • Fully customizable application data.


RPO Services for Clients

A growing trend. You do not need a separate platform.


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a rising trend. A lot of companies are outsourcing complete or a part or complete of their recruitment processes to vendors for controlling costs, and increasing the pace.

Talenture RS Provides a secure platform for managing RPO relationships with multiple clients.

Key specific features are:

  • Direct login to RPO clients for a common platform for the managed process. Clients can do all their tasks including Add/Edit Jobs, View and process candidates, etc.
  • Secure ORF platform with complete data isolation across clients.
  • Permissions to control rights of each user further.
  • Unlimited RPO Clients and client users.

Agency with Network of Freelancers and Business Associates

Engage with the best. Partner with like-minded. Secure and Easy.

Recruiting Business can find a dimension of growth through strategic associations with Freelancers and Business Associates.

Talenture RS provides a secure platform for any agency to manage its Freelancers and Associates.

Key specific features are:

  • Direct login to Freelancers and Associates to carry out their actions directly in the system.
  • Secure ORF platform with complete data isolation across vendor. Users of each vendor can view and manage their Jobs and candidates.
  • Permissions to control rights of each user further.
  • Unlimited Sub-Vendors.


Freelance Recruiter

Work with one or many alike. Never be short on data or time to deliver.


Recruiters often work in an independent manner with multiple Agencies leveraging their niche knowledge and connections of a specific industry in a more effective manner.

Talenture RS with its focus on high efficiency provides such recruiting ninjas to manage their requirements, process and candidates very effectively.

Some of the relevant functionalities are:

  • Flexi workflows for fast-paced transitions.
  • Rich candidate management tools Collections and Functional Classification, etc.
  • Powerful AI driven Candidate Search.
  • Rich communication features.
  • Fully customizable User Interface and Data storage for achieving personal efficiency.
  • Sourcing of candidates from all sources.

Loose Team of Collaborating Recruiters

Complete freedom. Full synergy. Highest results.

Experienced Recruiters often come together to leverage the niche expertise and connections of each other to find a natural way to expand their businesses by offering a more complete service to their clients.

Talenture RS with its rich and controlled data sharing with tools for managing independent work empower such team to achieve newer heights.

Some of the key specific functionalities are:

Rich candidate management tools like Public and Private Candidate Pools, Headhunting leads, Public and Private Collections.

  • Multiple workflows with Flexi and Strict transitions.
  • Fine-grain role assignment with structured and adhoc work sharing.
  • Fully customizable User Interface and Data storage for achieving individual efficiency.
  • Sourcing of candidates from all sources.