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Use this 3-step formula and be a placement champion. Read how Recruiting automation software are just not for automating your process and also an important tool to win more clients.
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A 3-Step Formula to Win More Clients Using Recruitment Automation for Business Development

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A 3-Step Formula to Win More Clients Using Recruitment Automation for Business Development

18 July 2018

Your competitors are doing really well!

As per industry estimates, 73% of recruiting firms met or exceeded their revenue goals in 2014 and 92% feel their firm’s revenue performance will increase in 2015.

So what are the essentials which distinguish a placement champion from an also-ran or worse – a has-been?

The answer is via specific value-adds and service levels you’ll be providing to your client. And professional & efficient recruitment infrastructure is a central part of your value-adds.

The best part is you can leverage recruitment automation software not just for automating your processes but also as an important marketing tool to win more clients.

  1. Use Recruitment Infrastructure as your USP –
    The next time you show a PowerPoint presentation at client meetings to showcase your firm’s services, project your recruitment automation in all its glory. Make sure your laptop has your solution installed and highlight the way it enables you to service your client like no other. Some of the critical aspects to highlight:

    • Candidate Management platform to showcase ready pool of unique, high-quality candidates from multiple verticals and professional candidate management.
    • Advanced resume search to identify & deliver the right candidates in the shortest time.
    • CRM features that enable high quality client and requirement management, professional resume submittals and complete process transparency
    • Professional client account management services via built-in invoicing and payment tracking.
    1. Transform How Clients & Candidates Are Served – In recruitment, word-of-mouth marketing is powerful. Clients & candidates talk to each other about your company. Put your best foot forward when serving clients by leveraging these features in your recruiting software to build your brand:
      Action Impact
       Automatic generation of Excel worksheet containing easy-to-read summary of the resumes you’re submitting. Enables Line Managers to evaluate a larger no. resumes and give faster feedback.
       Auto-insert a Candidate Assessment sheet as the opening page of each resume.  Builds trust, adds credibility to your submittals.
       Include your company logo in the header of each resume being submitted.  Ensures immediate brand recall by the client and identification.
      Track & maintain trail of submittals and all email communications in a single place  Basis for any future discussion/clarification related to the final selection of candidates with the client.


  1. Let Them See it in Action – The proof of the pudding is in the eating right? So show them what gives you the power to deliver the best candidates in the shortest possible time.If your recruitment software supports remote/cloud access (most good recruiting software should do this) then consider creating a guest login id for your client contact.Invite them to log in and check in real time the work in progress on their job orders and get status reports all by themselves. Nothing beats transparency in building trust and ensuring the best word-of-mouth you can get in the industry.So go ahead – highlight the professional candidate management, adherence to best practices, and automation of key client service aspects of your recruiting software to build effective pitches for your clients.Do you have your own client acquisition story to tell? What other strategies and best practices can be used to win clients and grow your business? I’ll look forward to your insights!
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