Talent Moon Recruitment Case Study - Platina Software
Read how Talent Moon achieves 100% time-saving & a 70% increase in placement hit-ratio using Talenture RS applicant tracking system.
Talent Moon Recruitment Case Study
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Case Study Talent Moon

Talent Moon achieves 100% time-saving & a 70% increase in placement hit-ratio using Talenture RS.


Company Name –  Talent Moon


  • Managing a multi-location recruitment team with freelancers for job order assignment & deliveries
  • Huge inefficiencies & lost business due to the manual process for key actions – resume submittals, client feedback etc.
  • Unable to use internal candidate data due to lack of effective search tools


  • Full automation of job order assignment & centralized tracking of job orders at all recruiter locations
  • Up to 100% time-saving achieved on complete workflow including resume submittals, mail trail & feedbacks
  • Increased utilization of internal resume database via Candidate Search

The Challenge


Talent Moon is a major provider of recruitment services with multiple locations in India. They cater to a wide range of verticals including Banking/Financial Services, Consumer Goods, IT, ITES, Pharma & Healthcare. As a highly process-driven team Talent Moon faced unique challenges in managing their recruitment practices:


  • With the team spread across multiple locations (Mumbai, Hyderabad) and further having a mix of full-time and freelance team members the core challenge was team management – assignment of job orders to the team, tracking work status, validating candidates for submittals
  • High dependence on email and paperwork for key actions were resulting in huge wastage of time and process bottlenecks – JD’s being sent to recruiters followed by email clarifications, sourcers sending multiple emails to the team leads for candidate approvals etc.
  • Time-consuming manual processes such as formatting resume for submittal and tracker creation were degrading team deliveries leading to lost business
  • Failure to leverage existing internal database of quality resumes due to an absence of data management and search tools

Says Kiran Gali Kumar, Managing Partner, Talent Moon “Our mostly manual and email dependent processes were taking a huge toll on turnaround time and lost business opportunities. There were multiple times when we had to forego candidates because we just did not have any trail or record of our submissions.”

The recruitment software they initially tried looked promising but they soon found that it had multiple issues – the user interface was complicated, the recruitment workflow did not map the way their team worked and it had issues with pulling resume data from email. Poor product support only added to these issues.

Kiran Gali Kumar

“Our mostly manual and email dependent processes were taking a huge toll on turnaround time and lost business opportunities.”


Kiran Gali Kumar, Managing Partner, Talent Moon

The Solution


Talent Moon then switched to Talenture in their quest to have an automation platform that would cater to their style of working.

  • The product was implemented across the organization for recruitment workflow and data management processes
  • Centralized Navigation Platform was configured to map the recruitment workflow – assignment of job orders, status tracking, and candidate validation and approval process
  • Resume submittal & client feedback was fully automated with automatic generation of Excel Candidate Tracker of the forwarded resumes and also includes the company branding in all resumes sent

The Results


Right from the initial trial run Talent Moon found a comfort level in the way the platform seamlessly mapped their recruitment process onto the system. Building on this once they rolled out the solution across the team the impact was remarkable.

“As someone who has used multiple recruiting automation software I can say that none provided us the depth of business logic and workflow features that were delivered in this implementation”


Kiran Gali Kumar, Managing Partner, Talent Moon

Kiran says “We were apprehensive about the transition to the new system because of our negative experience earlier. But the product not only met but exceeded our expectations. The implementation and support team delivered a very smooth transition to their platform with on-the-ball support services.”


  • The integrated dedicated & flexible Team Management platform has delivered 100% time-saving to Team Managers enabling them to view and manage the functioning of their teams through single-click Data views and reports
  • The automated resume submittal & formatting along with full mail trail of all submissions have resulted in 100% time-saving and eliminated gaps in client communications
  • Outlook Connector for automated transfer of resumes from email combined with functional segregation of candidates and high-performance search has delivered up to 70-80% increased internal data utilization

Kiran says “The best part is that this implementation gave us the confidence to transition from a highly centralized management style towards a more delegated model while at the same time maintaining full oversight”.

For Talent Moon, the decision to switch proved to be the right decision taken at just the right time.