River Delta Consulting Recruitment Case Study - Platina Software
Read how River Delta Consulting achieves 70% cut in turnaround time for resume submittals by using SkillPoint recruiting ATS.
River Delta Consulting Recruitment Case Study
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Case Study River Delta

River Delta Consulting achieves 70% cut in turnaround time for resume submittals

River Delta

Company Name –  River Delta India


  • Managing huge volume of resume data
  • Unable to achieve high-quality & on-time resume submittals for US-based clients
  • Huge candidate acquisition costs due to dependency on international Job Portals for their international staffing process


  • Fully automated internal resume management
  • Turn-around time for resume submittals cut by up to 70%
  • 80% jump in internal resume utilization & reduced costs due to Job Board integration

The Challenge


River Delta Consulting is a New Jersey, USA based leading recruitment services firm with offices in multiple locations in India specializing in IT recruitment for mid-size companies and government agencies (local, state, federal). As a firm that is exclusively focused on international placements they faced specific problems with their existing process:


  • They had a high volume of resumes coming in not only from email but also from internal job portals among other sources that the team was finding difficult to manage and mine
  • With a 100% international recruitment focus particularly US-based clientele demanding low turnaround time for resume submittals while maintaining high-quality standards, the team was repeated falling short on delivery time & quality
  • Candidate acquisition costs were becoming unmanageable as there was a heavy dependence on international Job Portals like Monster & Dice for sourcing with unproductive usage such as same resume downloads by multiple team members
  • Tracking of team’s work status on submittals, interview line-ups etc. was time-consuming and manual

Manan Panchal, Manager, River Delta Consulting, remarks “We knew that to meet the strict turn-around times and submission quality standards of our US clients we needed an automation solution which would deliver speed alongside quality”.

The company was, therefore, looking for a solution to implement a complete process framework for their recruitment workflow and a centralized team management platform.


“We knew that to meet the strict turn-around times and submission quality standards of our international clients we needed an automation solution which would deliver speed alongside quality.”


– Manan Panchal, Manager, River Delta Consulting

The Solution


River Delta zeroed-in on Talenture as their recruitment automation solution to address their data management and international placement challenges.

  • Implementation across all locations for recruitment workflow and data management processes
  • Centralized resume bank enabling concurrent access for the entire recruiting team
  • Chrome Extension was configured to integrate their resume database with international job portals including Monster.com.
  • Outlook Connector for automated transfer of resumes from incoming email
  • Resume submittal & client feedback was fully automated using Candidate Submission feature that automatically generates Excel Candidate Tracker of the forwarded resumes and also includes the company branding in all resumes sent

The Results


The most immediate change that the team saw was the ease with which sourcing could be done from international job portals. Within a couple of months, targeted downloads from job boards had built a high-quality internal database and the team’s usage of portals was firmly under control.

“The solution delivered the quality and speed we wanted. I especially love its candidate communication platform that allows us to reach a huge number of prospects in a single click”


Manan Panchal, Manager, River Delta Consulting

River Delta experienced a 360% turnaround in their process efficiency and deliveries:

  • The Resume aggregation combined with the high performance search engine has translated into anoverall 80% utilization of their internal resume data cutting down on their Job Portal costs
  • Using Portal Connector for easy sourcing of candidates from international job portals has led to at least 60-70% cost reduction due to focused bulk downloads and elimination of unproductive usage due to same resume downloads and multiple logins
  • The automated resume submittal & formatting along with full mail trail of all submissions has resulted in 100% time-saving and eliminated gaps in client communications
  • There is now 100% automated tracking of resumes with status of candidates at every step of the recruitment journey available with single-click Live XL reports

Manan says “We had thought a company focused on international placements would have to go for an expensive automation solution to cater to our clients but we were proved wrong.”

River Delta now has reason to feel that going in for Talenture as an end-to-end solution was the best business decision it took.