Automating college or center admissions using RBox

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Automating college or center admissions using RBox

16 October 2018

RBox with its comprehensive functionality for candidate management can be a powerful tool for managing the admissions process for any college and training institute.
Key features which will help the team in the better management of the process and achieving higher efficiency and quality are:

1. Resume Parsing to populate data

RBox’s highly accurate resume parsing engine can really help in reducing the data populace time and effort. Resumes of the applying candidates can be simply added through the import tools, and their data can get populated quickly using the advanced resume parsing in RBox saving a lot of data entry time.

2. Collections for tracking Departments and Sessions

Any Admission cell needs to track applicants against different departments and sessions properly so that the students are correctly evaluated as per their applications. And Hierarchical Public and Private collections in RBox can be used effectively to accomplish this easily.

3. Customize fields to track assignments

Complete data customizability of RBox can be used to track all aspects of applicants by members of the admissions committee.

4. Customize to track sources

If your candidates come to the admission process from different sources, important sourcing information can be well tracked using the extensive data customization. It can be further searched easily as well.

5. Search to find candidates matching specific program requirements

Powerful search and filtering tools of RBox can be used to quickly identify candidates suitable for any department and program.

6. Communication

Communication is key to the success of any placement process, and RBox with its integrated and mapped communication can prove to be a highly powerful tool in managing the interactions with candidates and departments.

7. Massmail integration

Integrated massmail can be a very helpful tool in sending quick email blasts to students from time to time.

8. Tasks and Reminders

Integrated Tasks and reminders can come in handy for admissions team members to stay on top of their process.

9. Export and Import via XLS

Powerful data export feature which allows any list to be exported with a single click and import from XLS and CSV can really reduce the process time in a lot of parts of the process.

10. Security through roles and permissions

No team process can succeed without proper security control, and RBox with its fine-grained security will help every team in ensuring a well-managed admissions process.

In summary, RBox will not only save a lot of time and effort but will also improve the quality and consistency of the admissions process resulting in a better student selection for the college or institute, and a smoother experience for the students.

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