Use Cases

Recruiting and Staffing Agency

Most Powerful Candidate Management to complement tool you use.

Recruiting and Staffing agencies are often using Excel, direct email client, or Customized ATS to manage their recruiting process.

RBox can beautifully complement the such processes to increase the productivity many-fold with the following specific functionality:

  • Rich Candidate Management platform with Public and Private pools, collections, and functional classification.
  • Highly accurate parsing.
  • AI driven Candidate Search.
  • Extensive communication functionality.
  • Tasks and Reminders.
  • Import and Export features.


Freelance Recruiter

All the tools to fulfil requirements of multiple clients.


Rbox is an ideal tool for Freelance recruiters who often work with multiple clients to leverage their niche industry skills and contacts.

Depending on their relationships, Freelancers often do not need a Job Processing engine at their end.

Some of the key specific functionalities are:

  • Rich Candidate Management platform with collections, and functional classification.
  • Highly accurate parsing.
  • AI driven Candidate Search.
  • Extensive communication functionality.
  • Tasks and Reminders.
  • Import and Export features.

Internal Hiring by Corporate HR

Powerful Candidate foundation for any Internal Hiring process.

Corporate Internal Hiring teams are often using Customized ATS, HRIS, ERP, Excel, or direct email client to manage their hiring process, and often are in a position to make a quick change to their new process.

RBox with its versatile and powerful Candidate Management can easily take over the candidate sourcing, management and searching needs of the recruiting process, and thus improve the productivity many-fold.


College and University Placement Cells

Manage all candidates across years and batches with ease.


RBox can be a great asset for College and University Placement cells helping them to manage their complete placement process.

Some of the key specific functionalities are:

  • Candidate importing and sourcing tools.
  • Accurate Parsing to eliminate data entry.
  • Private and Public collections.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Search tool.
  • Communication module with complete communication tracking.
  • Tasks and Reminders.

Training and Coaching Institutes

Not just train, get your students employed.

Training and Coaching institutes can manage the complete data of their students with ease maintaining the up-to-date status of their current employment with RBox.

Integrated tools for candidate management and communication empower such institutes to not only help their candidates to get “improved” employment at the completion of their course, but also provide a platform for reaching out to the ex-students for higher courses.


School, College and University Admissions

Fully track each Candidate’s process using versatile tools.


Admission teams deal with a large pool of applicants with their complete details, documents of their academic and professional credentials, and stage wise communication.

RBox with its versatile tools, and high data and view customizability allows admission teams to manage their process efficiently.

It also enables to track full status, and approach earlier candidates when a suitable position opens for them.

MassMail feature can be a great tool for running campaigns.

Targeted Business Development Process.

Manage Profiles for Targeted Business Development.

RBox with its profile management tools, and powerful communication platform provides an easy to use solution for professionals working on targeted business development processes.

Integrated Mass Mail feature empowers your reach-out programs with ease.