Candidate Management

Power and Versatility to Drive Any Process


Each Candidate is a Gem. Don’t lose any.

Each candidate has unique skills, and experiences. Tools to help you find you candidate with ease even if the requirements are most specific.

Rich library of tools to drive any process.

Public and Private Candidates, Unlimited Private and Public Collections, Functional Classification, and many other tools to help you fuel the candidate needs of any process.

One Candidate. One History.

Candidate Management with automatic and intelligent duplicacy resolution ensures unique communication history.

Import and Export with ease.

Import your external data using XLS/CSV format to transfer candidates from virtually any system. And Export to XLS action in virtually every data view enables you to export any type of filtered data effortlessly.

Candidate Communication

Complete History. Avoid all confusions.

Complete Communication History. Avoid mistakes in the team.

Complete history with each candidate is tracked and can be quickly accessed giving you an unmatched perspective for the next communication.

Unlimited Rich templates for Standard based Communication.

Use unlimited private and public templates with rich formatting to give your candidates a uniform experience irrespective of the team member they interact with.


Candidate Search

AI driven Search to find “your” Best


AI Driven Search to find the most suited.

Intelligent Heuristics to rank candidates on different parameters like recency, availability, employability, or combination of these enables you to achieve the best fit for your candidate needs.

Search Agents for Standardization and Training.

Create search agents for most common requirements to help your team in standardizing their Candidate identification. These agents also provide a tool for training new team members.


Insights to keep you on top of your rich data.

User and Manager Reports.

Single click reports for sourcing, updating, and viewing to help you analyse and structure your data processes quickly.
Reports are available at individual user level, and team manager level to enable analysis at all levels.
All reports are exportable to excel for quick external review.


Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing from all Sources to fill any Job



Source from Job Boards, Social Sites, Career Site, Email and Desktop folders alike to build an integrated pool to fulfil the requirements for any industry and position. Use the best sources for each requirement to ensure the highest results with least cost and effort.


No need to change. The product will adapt for you.

Complete Data Customization for maximum capture.

Virtually unlimited User Defined fields for all objects to enable to you to capture every small detail about each element in your process.

Structure the product for highest productivity.

Use the Role level and user level customization to ensure that the each user uses the product which is most productive for them.



Interface for Highest Productivity.


Maximum Multi-tasking through Tabbed interface.

Open each object and tool in a separate tab within the application to give you maximum multi-tasking. You can work on all related aspects of an action in one go thus saving a lot of time.

Simple Navigators to manage complex processes with ease.

Navigator model in a browser interface gives your team an unmatched productivity framework.

Separate Windows for Search and Email to enable maximum productivity.

Keep your Search and Email open at all times so that you do not do unnecessary clicks to access key parts of your process.