New Platina website launched

New Platina website launched

16 November 2018 in Press & News

NEW DELHI – 16 November 2018. Platina launched its completely revamped website at the address The website has been designed and implemented with the goal of quickly providing the most relevant information to all visitors. The website is divided into the following sections:


1.Main Website ( for corporate information

2. One microsite each for 4 different products.

a. Talenture RS:
b. Talenture IH:
c. RBox:
d. ResumeMill:


About Platina

Platina Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in SaaS software for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. Our Talenture product suite has the most comprehensive set of tools for empowering Recruiting and Talent Acquisition processes for large teams of 100s of users as well as small teams of a few users. RBox is a product for provide a solid foundation to diverse business processes requiring integration of candidates and profiles, communication and business development. ResumeMill web-service provides a highly accurate resume parsing web-service for diverse HR applications and customized Applicant Tracking Systems.


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