Hire the Best.

Engage with the best.

Each applicant is unique. Use the powerful and effective candidate management tools to locate most suited candidates with ease.

AI driven Candidate Search.

AI driven search engine helps you evaluate candidates on a number of parameters and find the most suitable candidates quickly.

Use your Corporate Brand effectively.

Leverage the strength of your brand to attract the best candidates on all sources including Job Boards, Social sites, Career site, etc with purposeful, timely and high-quality communication.

Talenture IH Software Hire Best Talent

Reduce Cost of Hiring.

Talenture IH Software Reduce Cost Of Hiring

Never lose an applicant.

Each candidate is a gem. Use the powerful Candidate Management tools, and effective Search to locate each eligible applicant with ease.

Complete collaboration.

Distribute different work items on a Job among most suitable team members. Engage the best recruiters and interviewers for each job.

Universal Sourcing.

Source the right candidates from Job Boards, Social networks, career site, and your old candidate network to fill any position with ease. You reduce cost by devising the most cost-effective sourcing strategy for each position.

High Degree of automation.

Single Click data views and reports, Tasks on candidates, jobs, etc, Notifications on all important events to delivery highest productivity to your recruiting process.

Your Job Applicants will love you.

Highly Effective Interactions.

Immediate access to the Recruiting and Communication History of each Candidate empowers your team to make each Candidate interaction most effective.

Purposeful and timely Communication.

Recruiting History of each Candidate and Job, and complete communication history for each Candidate and Vendor helps you to have the complete context in your Candidate communication at all times.

Direct access of all these data points with facility to setup tasks and reminders on all objects ensure that your communication is always on time.

Not only find who is best for an opening, ensure what is best for them.

Achieve best results through a Win-Win process with your Candidates. You not only focus on finding the best candidate but at the same time you have enough context to ensure that you are able to match candidates against the best opportunities for them, and approach them at the right time.

Talenture IH Software Effective Applicant Communication

Versatility to match all stages of your growth.

Talenture IH Software Highly Versatile for Business Growth

Highly versatile Platform that can implement your refined processes and strategies as-is. Customize to provide the most optimal working platform your Recruiting, HR and Function teams.
A platform can be evolved for changing needs as you grow.