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Not Just Recruitment. Drive Sales, Admissions, and Trainings, etc. with key facts from Resumes.

Complete Data with zero Data Entry.

Populate the accurate candidate data in your Recruiting, Sales, Admissions and Trainings applications without any data entry.

High Process Efficiency.

Efficiency of your process depends on the accuracy of data contained. Highly accurate resume parsing for all key fields ensures that your data is extremely reliable to ensure high results in your processes.


Stronger Intelligence and Analytics through Higher Data accuracy.


Tools to bring out your unique business insight.

ResumeMill parses each field with high accuracy using its multi-stage, AI driven parsing engine. High accuracy of parsed data ensures that your analysis and conclusions are correct, and lead you to better decision making for your business situations.

Do not Reinvent, Start Right away.

Integrate quickly, benefit right away.

ResumeMill API can be integrated with most applications in minutes. You do not need to be a technology expert to carry this out.

Rich Domain expertise without the effort of years.

ResumeMill platform comes with years of research effort of highly qualified AI professionals to solve the complex problem of resume parsing. Instead of reinventing the solution with investment of a large amount of money and time, one can focus on immediately deriving business benefits from their core expertise.


No Upfront cost. Start right-away.


No upfront cost, pay as your use.

ResumeMill platform is available without any long term contracts and commitments. Pay-as-you-use model ensures that there is no upfront cost to starting your benefits. Buy a basic amount of credits, and you can start benefiting from the highly accurate parsing in your application.

Successfully Parsed 100 Million+ Resumes