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At Platina, we pride in building software that is powerful, sophisticated and yet easy to use. We are most happy when our customers are delighted with our products, and we want every team members to work towards that. And we strongly believe that it should be the basis of our success of today and tomorrow.

We are constantly looking out for for smart people who have a strong passion to build software which is powerful, scalable, and delivers great user experiences. If this is how you identify yourself, we would love to hear from you. Take a look at our openings below and apply!



Power of One. One team, One Priority.


We always see Platina as one. And this Platina is above the goals of any individual or team. Our work is challenging, and the solutions to these challenges non-obvious. With such challenges, often there are disagreements. And we encourage them as they help us identify the gaps and teach us ways to incorporate differing perspectives.

Achieve the Next. With Ownership.


We are always challenging the “current”, and working towards the “next”. And in this journey of passion and hard work, there are frustrations from time to time. Everyone owns what they do with its success or failure. And when things are going wrong, with our focus on the problem, we get our learning and make the progress.

Happy members. Delighted Customers.


We identify with our work and its quality; and it makes us happy. We work in a friendly and collaborative environment where we can leverage our strengths to the maximum. And this helps us maximize the customer delight.

Customers are the reason.


Customers deserve great experiences. And we are always working towards this end. This requires understanding the challenges they face, and immediate requirements they have, and then do what is right for them.