FA Release of Talenture and RBox products announced.

7 August 2019 in


Platina has announced the FA (Fast Actions) release of three of its key products:

Talenture RS

Talenture IH


FA Release is an important milestone for Platina and we are very confident that the users will really like what we have built for them.

The release includes numerous innovative and unique advancements in the areas of User Interface, Work management, Workflow and Security.

It has 25+ innovative and unique advancements. Top 3 advances in the release are:

1.Cohesive Data and Actions (CDX) display
2.Innovative implementation of Tasks and Notes modules
3.Extreme Customizability of all UI constructs.


There are other 20+ additions and enhancements like Enhanced Multi-tasking, Improved DUP Resolution, Restructured Security model, and Easier to use Configuration modules.


We believe that FA Release will set a new standard for Recruiter Efficiency and Productivity, and Ease of Use.

FA release will be available starting 12 August 2019 for Talenture RS, Talenture IH and RBox products. You can sign up for your trial today, and you will be automatically upgraded to this release starting 12th August.

More Information
Please contact our sales team at sales@platinasoft.com or +91 (011) 6676-3780 to know more details.

About Platina
Platina Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in SaaS software for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. Our Talenture product suite has the most comprehensive set of tools for empowering Recruiting and Talent Acquisition processes for large teams of 100s of users as well as small teams of a few users. RBox is a product for provide a solid foundation to diverse business processes requiring integration of candidates and profiles, communication and business development. ResumeMill web-service provides a highly accurate resume parsing web-service for diverse HR applications and customized Applicant Tracking Systems.


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