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We create versatile, reliable and feature-filled recruiting automation products to simplify your recruitment & HR processes. Check SkillPoint ATS and ResumeMill now.
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Our Products

We make versatile, reliable and feature-filled products. Explore the full range here.

Our SkillPoint™ and ResumeMill products offer a highly powerful recruiting automation technology suite for different automation needs for your recruitment processes. The innovative technology and high degree of configurability and scalability of our products will help you to achieve high efficiency and to increase your top-line irrespective of your size and industry focus.

SkillPoint™ Recruiting Software

Skillpoint Recruitment Software - Much more than just an Applicant tracking system (ATS)

SkillPoint™ is a highly powerful recruiting automation software product which helps your team to manage candidate, client and vendor relationships with ease and empowers them to close more positions with higher quality.

It is a complete recruitment software platform encompassing all aspects of the recruitment / staffing process from starting of a job order till the joining of candidates including the management of the financials associated with the process.

It is available in two configurations for Placement Agencies and Staffing businesses, and Corporate Internal Hiring teams.

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Try SkillPoint™ Recruitment Automation platform right now.

ResumeMill – Resume parsing Service

ResumeMill is a highly accurate Resume Parsing engine available in the form of a high performance Web Service (SaaS).

It complements any ATS, HRIS, or ERP product, and a custom ATS, Resume Management, or an HRIS application, and the Careers section on your website.

ResumeMill is fully HR-XML compliant and can be integrated with very little effort.

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Resumemill Parsing Service - The Best Resume Parsing Software