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Applicant Tracking for Placement and Staffing

Placement and Staffing

SkillPoint Placement provides a high performance candidate sourcing, recruitment process management and analytics platform which will benefit teams of all sizes ranging from hundreds of users to one-man armies.

ATS for Corporate Internal Hiring

Corporate Internal Hiring

SkillPoint Corporate simplifies the complex hiring and recruiting process for any corporate HR team by providing an integrated platform for managing the data and process of all its participants. It ensures significant benefits whether you hire a few, or hundreds and thousands in a year.

Freelancers and Franchisees

Freelancers and Franchisees

SkillPoint Placement with its integrated Open RPO platform enables you to expand your recruitment operations beyond your team and office boundaries by engaging freelancers and franchisee teams in a secure way.

The Best Complete CRM Software for Placement, Staffing and Internal Hiring

Skillpoint Features

SkillGlass Recruitment Workbench


SkillGlass Recruitment Workbench provides a fully integrated platform for all your recruiting activities with most of your data available through well defined single-click views.

Data Centralization

Complete Data Centralization

Add resumes from all sources including Job Boards, Social Networks, incoming email, email folders, and Desktop folders.

Social Recruiting

Leverage your Social Networks

Search and shortlist candidates from your social networks for your Job Positions.

Effortless Reporting

Effortless Reporting

Large number of single-click reports to review and analyze recruitment activity at listing and summary level.

Resume Parsing Software

Accurate Resume Parsing

Accurately parse more than 30+ resume fields from most file formats including Doc, PDF, Html, and Txt.

SmartView & SmartEdit Feature

SmartView and SmartEdit

Highly efficient resume viewing and editing tools which save significant time on a day to day basis.

High Customizability

High Customizability

See as You Like (SayL) engine ensures total customizability of display columns and labels in all views.

Zero Duplication


Unique technology which not only detects duplicate resumes but automatically resolves it as well.

Communication Tracking

Communication Tracking

Completely track each email exchanged with a client or a candidate.

Flexible Recruiting ATS Feature

Flexible Recruitment

Role based work distribution in a Job Position for most flexible work distribution.

The Best Resume Finder

Resume Finder

Find most suitable candidates in seconds using criteria on field data in built-in fields and user-defined fields, and the complete resume text.

Mass Mail Option

Mass Mail

Automatically send Birthday Greetings to Candidates and Clients.

Most Powerful Recruiting Software is Easiest to Use as well

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