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Why your custom ATS must be powered with Resume Parsing today?

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Why your custom ATS must be powered with Resume Parsing today?

6 August 2018

HR and Recruiting teams are often using customized ATS solutions which have been designed and developed to match their exact processes. And these solutions have been developed at a very substantial cost and effort.

And often, such solutions do not include any resume parsing engine because of the relative complexities of implementing resume parsing of any significant accuracy. And the teams feel that they would change everything if ever they feel like having parsing included in their platform.

And they continue to stay away from the benefits of resume parsing. Some of the disadvantages of this method faced on a daily basis are:

a. Slow candidate addition because of the requirement of data entryb. Mistakes in candidate data due to data entry mistakes

c. Higher cost because of time and effort spent on data entry

d. Expensive data management due to data entry of duplicate resumes and manual handling of duplicacy management.

e. Reduced process because keeping data entry people is often not practice today due to the high cost of trained manpower. And burdening your recruiters with data entry effort is even less practical.

f. The volume of resume inflow is often unpredictable. So even if one decides to keep data entry people, it is not practical to manage the changing inflow.

g. Limiting the addition of resumes to only shortlisted candidates has serious disadvantages as it is very wasteful to ignore the rest of your sourcing which required a high level of effort and time of your recruiters.

With the availability of highly accurate resume parsing web-services like ResumeMill, such ATS solutions should be empowered with parsing at the first opportunity. And the reason for the same is:

  1. Integration is easy. With the availability of mature API interfaces, integration can be done in a few hours, and the implementation completed in a few days.
  2. No need to develop own parsing as parsing has matured over time. It is available as a metered service so you only incur the cost for what you use. And there is no long-term commitment with the option to even go for a monthly plan.

In summary, today it is not at all a wise decision for your business to operate a customized ATS without integrating it with a credible parsing web-service like Resume Mill.

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