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Pay as you Use Model

ResumeMill Pricing is based on Pay-as-you-use model. You do not need to make any long-term commitment by signing any contract. Just buy a chunk of parsing credits with a period of validity during which you can utilize your credits for parsing resume data.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Parsing credit?

One parsing credit entitles you to parse one file containing content of one resume. So one doc/pdf resume file will require 1 credit for parsing. And an archive in .zip/.rar format will require as many credits as the number of resume files contained in them.

What should I do if my credits get consumed and I still have data to be processed?

You will need to buy a new credit block depending on the size of data which still needs to be processed.

Do I get any refund for my expiring credits?

Unfortunately not. There is no refund for expiring credits.

How can I make the payment?

You can pay using most credit cards.

Do I get any discount if I buy more credits?

Absolutely. Please share your exact parsing credit requirement and the corresponding period to get the best rate.

Can I return my credits for a refund during its validity period?

Unfortunately not. Credits once purchased cannot be returned for a refund.

Can I buy any extension for my expiring credits?

No. The validity period of a credit block cannot be modified after the purchase.

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