SkillPoint™ - The Most Powerful Recruiting Software
A recruiting software that makes your hiring process easier, faster and cost-effective. It is much more than just an applicant tracking system (ATS). Get an online FREE trial now!
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SkillPoint Recruitment Automation Software

The most powerful recruitment software that makes hiring easier, faster and cost-effective. It is much more than just an ATS.

SkillPoint is a highly powerful recruiting automation software product which manages your candidate, client and vendor relationships and enables your recruiters to close more positions with higher quality.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Increased Efficiency

    SkillPoint increases efficiency of your recruiters and managers and saves 25% time in their day to day activity

  • More Talent Acquisitions

    Close More Positions

    Team closes more positions through full access to your complete resume and process data

  • Better Hiring Process

    Improved Hires

    You hire better talent due to complete data and process visibility.

  • Repeatable Success

    Repeatable Success

    Complete process and communication tracking enables your recruiters to succeed each time irrespective of the job position at hand.

Most powerful Recruitment Automation with unmatched Ease of Use

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SkillGlass, Easiest to Use Recruitment Workbench

Easy to use yet extremely powerful
SkillPoint Easiest Recruiting WorkBench

SkillGlass is the most advanced recruitment workbench providing a comfortable yet highly powerful platform for beginner and advanced recruitment professionals alike. A large number of single-click Live Data views, their export to XLS format, and deep reminder engine provides the fastest and most timely access to the required recruitment data.

Build and Strengthen Relationships

High quality communication in every situation

By tracking and linking each and every communication with the candidate and the client, SkillPoint puts the complete history in front of everyone working with them. High degree of automation in email communication and resume forwarding allows you to delight your clients with high quality communication on time. Automated greetings and requests further strengthen your business relationships.

SkillPoint High Quality Communication

Adapt to Every Process and Working Style

Multiple workflows and flexible recruitment work distribution
SkillPoint Adaptive Process Workstyle

SkillPoint comes bundled with multiple recruiting workflows to automate working of teams of all sizes and work styles. Role based work distribution allows you to get the maximum results from your team by utilizing the skills of people in most optimal way for the process parts most suited for them.