Every corporate internal hiring team needs a recruiting platform.


Every corporate internal hiring team needs a recruiting platform.

3 October 2018

Often organizations decide that they really do not need recruiting software for their hiring process. Reasons given are many; some claim that they do not recruit that many people so they can manage with basic tools like spreadsheet and email; others feel that their requirements are not too technical; and for others, the observation is that they recruit through vendors, so a software is not needed at their end.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Irrespective of your recruiting volume, methods or recruiting, or team size, a comprehensive recruiting software is essential for the success of your hiring process. And the reasons are many.

1. Each new hire is crucial

People are the most important resource for today and future businesses. And irrespective of your recruiting volume, each employee is crucial to your success. Just because you recruit few people every year does not mean that your business will prosper with “not so good” employees. If anything, their fitment matters more.

2. Recruiting skills are distributed throughout the organization

Skills are distributed throughout the employee base in any organization. And to judge the suitability of an applicant, it is important to engage the right people from suitable departments and levels in the hiring process. So, a platform which engages your complete employee base for the hiring process will yield better results.

3. Hiring is a company-wide phenomenon

Additionally, it is important that the entire company is aware of the complete history of every applicant so that they take correct decisions based on the observations of all previous rounds. Otherwise, it can easily happen that an applicant will get selected for a position while they were earlier rejected at a different location.

4. Vendors are not permanent

Leaving the entire history and knowledge of your hiring process with a select set of current vendors is not a good strategy from the point of view of business stability and growth. Vendors are not permanent. And any vendor relationship cannot be expected to last forever.

5. Job Boards are not sufficient

It is often argued that an organization recruits directly from 1 or 2 job boards, and hence does not need a software platform to manage its hiring process. Note that no organization, today, can depend on its sourcing from one or two Job Boards. It is super important that the sourcing team looks at all relevant channels including social sites, their reference networks, etc. And with fast changing trends in the economy, talent will be less available in these Job Boards, and more in other places.

6. Candidate relationship is crucial for the right word of mouth

Candidates will remember you for their experiences with you. And these experiences are in many areas like proper email content, timeliness of communication, and avoidance of confusions and mistakes in interactions with different people involved in the process. And to ensure that all the above are taken care of well, a recruiting platform with complete tracking, task scheduling, integrated communication, and notifications is essential.

In conclusion, irrespective of the volume or level or sourcing of recruitment, any organization will benefit tremendously by having a comprehensive recruiting platform for its hiring process. Talenture IH with its comprehensive and powerful functionality for sourcing and searching, job processing and interview management, team management and reporting, and with its pricing structured in terms of recruiting volume can help you in hiring better candidates faster for building great trams for your organization.

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