Use Cases

Internal Hiring for all Industries and Positions

High Technology, Financial, or Pharma. Junior Executive, Middle Manager, or

CXO. Versatility to manage all.

Talenture IH has complete functionality for end-to-end management of Job processing for all industries and position levels.

Whether your industry is Software, Hardware, FMCG, Finance, Banking or BPO, its rich platform will provide a comprehensive set of features for your automation needs.

Furthermore, a very high degree of customizability ensures that you can exactly configure the product as per the needs of your process for the highest productivity.


RPO Process through Vendors

A growing trend. You do not need a separate platform.


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a rising trend. A lot of companies are outsourcing complete or a part or complete of their recruitment processes to vendors for controlling costs, and increasing the pace.

Talenture IH provides a secure platform for managing RPO relationships with multiple Vendors with ease.

Key specific features are:

-Direct login to RPO vendors for a common platform for the managed process. Vendors can do all their tasks including Candidate Shortlisting, View and process candidates, etc.

-Secure ORF platform with complete data isolation across Vendors.

-Permissions to control rights of each user further.

-Unlimited RPO Vendors and Vendors users.