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Company Name –  Pansari Group


  • Managing huge volume of resume data
  • Managing the requirements for different product lines and job functions in a consistent manner
  • Getting timely feedback from all stake holders


  • Everyone in the organization is on the system with clear roles
  • Fully automated internal resume management
  • Consistent process for all job functions and levels

The Challenge


Pansari group has been expanding at a fast pace adding new product lines to its portfolio. As a result, there has been a constant requirement of new talent for all functions and levels.


  • bullet Over time, different places were used for posting jobs which resulted in a high volume of resumes coming in.
  • bullet Talent Acquisition team was constantly getting challenged as expanding product lines and job functions led to a divergent information flow over normal channels of email and folders.
  • bullet Good candidates were often being lost due to delays in different processes of recruitment.

Vijay Agarwal, Director remarks “It was very clear to us that we needed to have a good platform for Talent Acquisition in place if we needed to meet our business plans and projections”.


The HR team was therefore looking for a solution to implement the complete process which also was extensible for our future needs.

The Solution

The team shortlisted 3 solutions, and later zeroed-in on Talenture as their recruitment platform to address all parts of the process.

  • bullet The existing process was studied, refined, and later mapped onto the constructs in the product
  • bullet Centralized resume bank enabling concurrent access for the entire recruiting team
  • bullet Interview process which often suffered from the maximum delays was mapped
  • bullet All business teams were brought onto the platform

The Results

The most immediate change that the team saw was the smooth information flow and faster decision making. Also the active involvement of all stake holders led to a better quality of hires. Another improvement which was seen was higher acceptance of offers due to a better perception of the corporate processes by the applicants.

“The solution delivered the pace and quality of new hiring which we wanted. Also, it removed the uncertainty which was mostly seen in all discussions on new hiring drives prior to the implementation.”

– Vijay Agarwal, Director

Pansari group experienced a 45% increase in their hiring speed:

  • bullet Active participation of all recruiters, HR team members, business leaders, and interviewers led to a very smooth and consistent process of recruiting
  • bullet The decision making on candidates was faster by 30% due to full information availability to all stake holders.
  • bullet The high-quality search engine helped the team to quickly locate matching candidates from the constant stream of incoming resumes

Pansari is now very clear that going in for Talenture as an end-to-end solution was one of the key decisions it took in its business journey of growth in recent times.