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Our knowledge base articles includes solutions and answers to most of your technical issues and questions related to SkillPoint Recruitment Platform.
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SkillPoint Knowledge Base

The one-stop repository to get technical information about SkillPoint

SkillPoint’s Knowledge Base is a rich repository of articles that includes solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to the SkillPoint Recruitment Platform.


This valuable vault of knowledge enables sharing lessons learned and seeks to promote the best use of SkillPoint’s product and technology, resulting in enhanced performance and customer satisfaction as well as providing self-learning.


We encourage you to search the Knowledge Base for a quick solution to any issue before raising a support ticket with our team.

How to Prevent Corruption of your SkillPoint Database

Posted On 20th February 2015 by Ranvijay Kumar

This article discusses the common scenarios in which your SkillPoint database can get corrupted leading to data loss and explains specific measures you can take to guard against this.  ...

Requirements for keeping SkillPoint data secure while letting it be accessed from Internet

Posted On 19th February 2015 by Ranvijay Kumar

This article explains measures for preventing unauthorized access of your SkillPoint data in a remote multi-location usage scenario.   SkillPoint allows Universal Access from remote locations as well as via...

One of our users has forgotten their password. How can I reset the password for that user account?

Posted On 9th January 2015 by Jagdeep Singh

This article explains how a SkillPoint Administrator can reset the password of a SkillPoint user.   When a user forgets his/her password the SkillPoint “Administrator” can reset their password.  ...

How to add new locations in your SkillPoint database

Posted On 18th December 2015 by Ranvijay Kumar

This article explains how your can extend the master locations list of SkillPoint and add new locations that may be missing in the pre-configured list.   SkillPoint comes pre-configured with...

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How to view resume folder statistics of your SkillPoint Resume Database i.e. list of all folders with the number of resumes contained in them?

Posted On 10th December 2014 by Jagdeep Singh

This article explains how can view the total number of unique resumes in your database along with the folder statistics.   SkillPoint enables you to manage your folders in folder-based...

Create resume source rules to automatically tag a resume with its source (, your own website, etc) as they are being transferred to SkillPoint.

Posted On 5th December 2014 by Jagdeep Singh

This article explains how you can create custom resume source tracking rules to automatically tag resumes being received from multiple sources such as job portals, freelancers, your company website etc....

Scenarios in which you should install SkillPoint on an ISP based server

Posted On 14th November 2014 by Ranvijay Kumar

This article explains the situations which warrant implementing SkillPoint on a 3-party ISP-based server.   Installing the application on an ISP based is advantageous in the following scenarios:   You...

How can I compact my SkillPoint database so that it takes less space and improves the performance?

Posted On 4th November 2014 by Ranvijay Kumar

This article explains the steps for compacting your SkillPoint database to ensure efficient usage of hard disk space and ensure faster access.   Physical repair results in efficient use of...