Data Migration Services - SkillPoint™ Recruiting Software
Take our data migration services for efficiently migrating your existing (Pre-SkillPoint) data into your SkillPoint database.
data migration services
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Data Migration Services

Move to SkillPoint without worrying about your existing data

Let Our Experienced Migration Specialists Take Over

Moving your existing recruitment data to a new automation solution can be a challenging task and we understand how important it is for our customers to smoothly migrate their data into SkillPoint.


To ensure a zero-hassle migration, Platina’s deploys its experienced support and data migration specialists for efficiently migrating your existing (pre SkillPoint) data into your SkillPoint database using SkillPoint Data Transfer tools.

Data Migration

Migrate From a Wide Variety of Formats

Data can be migrated from various email formats, like Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express, and various file formats like .doc, .rtf, .txt, .eml, and .html.

Bult-in Data Builder

Built-In Data Builder for Out-Of-The-Box Migration

SkillPoint comes with a set of built-in tools that take care of bulk-importing your existing data from all supported formats.


  • Unattended transfer – SkillPoint Data Transfer Tools support full unattended transfer with the best-in-class transfer speed and accuracy to ensure on-time completion
  • Minimal Work Disruption – Due to isolated and controlled execution the bulk data transfer is carried out in the background with practically no disruption of the day-to-day activities of your team
  • Built-In Duplicate Removal and Merging – The bulk data loader comes with built-in duplication resolution and merging features so your team can get started right away with the most relevant resume data in SkillPoint
Customized Data Import

Customized Data Import

Platina also offers custom data migration services for a lot of other formats where direct steps are not available in SkillPoint tools.


Our migration team has extensive experience of migrating data from a wide variety of custom data formats including from leading recruitment software products.


For example:

  • Summary resume data maintained in Excel Worksheets & other file formats not directly supported by SkillPoint
  • Data existing in back-end databases of other recruitment software

These services are performed on a chargeable basis depending on the complexity and time required. Please contact us to discuss your custom requirements in more detail.