SkillPoint™ Product Demo Videos - Platina Software
Take a visual tour of our awesome recruitment automation product. Watch online demo videos of the SkillPoint software here.
SkillPoint Demo Video, Recruiting Software Demo Videos
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SkillPoint™ Product Videos

Watch SkillPoint™ in action

See for yourself how SkillPoint™ makes recruitment simple & easy. Watch these free videos to quickly take you through an online tour of SkillPoint™ which will highlight its major features and benefits.

SkillPoint Product Overview

Take a quick online tour of SkillPoint recruiting software with this video, covering its core features including resume management views, the unique workflow navigation, team management and more.

Comprehensive Resume Management in SkillPoint

See how SkillPoint ensures the maximum value out of your resume data by offering an email-inbox like view of your resume database. Combined with unique views like Recently Viewed, Recently Added Resumes etc. and a Job Portal-like search engine your resumes are always within easy reach.

SkillPoint’s Versatile Candidate Sourcing

This video takes you through SkillPoint’s powerful candidate sourcing functionality that integrates with all important resume sources including email, Job Portals, Social Networks and online resume submittals via your corporate website.

End-to-End Team Management Using SkillPoint™

Watch how SkillPoint’s Team Management functionality provides an ideal platform for team working and management at multiple levels. It also showcases the wide array of Team Reports to analyze performance, identify process gaps & measure results.

SkillPoint’s Flexible Recruitment and Navigation Platform

This video takes you through a quick tour of the SkillPoint’s comprehensive Recruitment Workflow Platform – see how SkillPoint’s Workflow Navigator makes it so easy to create a job order, use in-built flexible workflows and templates, quickly source candidates, submit resumes and more.

SkillPoint’s Integrated Communications Platform

This video gives an overview of SkillPoint’s xConnect integrated communications platform for performing workflow, communication using Email and SMS, and Resume Updation from a single place thus reducing the time and effort for managing your recruitment process.