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SkillPoint offers unmatched recruitment automation features that saves upto 25% of a recruiter's time and increase more closures. Start your free trial now and see the difference.
SkillPoint features, Recruiting software features
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SkillPoint Features

Automation and data power for unmatched results from your recruitment process

SkillGlass, Easiest to Use Recruitment Workbench

Easy to use yet extremely powerful.
SkillPoint Easiest Recruiting WorkBench

SkillGlass is the most advanced recruitment workbench providing a comfortable yet highly powerful platform for beginner and advanced recruitment professionals alike. A large number of single-click Live Data views, their export to XLS format, and deep reminder engine provides the fastest and most timely access to the required recruitment data.

Powerful Resume Sourcing

Source candidates from email, Job Boards, Social Networks and your website
SkillPoint Resume Sourcing

SkillPoint provides the most comprehensive resume sourcing functionality with accurate sourcing from all sources including incoming email, Job Boards and Social Networks, and desktop folders. Multi-layered resume sourcing engine with industry-first zeroDup technology ensures that your resume database is always free from duplicacy. Highly accurate Antwerp Resume Parsing engine enables you to make the maximum use of your candidate pool.

Most Advanced Resume Searching and Management

Most powerful resume browsing, viewing and searching engine
SkillPoint Advanced Resume Search Management

SkillPoint provides quick views for browsing recently added, updated, and viewed resumes with a single-click for the fastest access to your candidates. You can easily browse the complete resume database going from one page to the next. Resume Finder search engine not only supports easy searching by combining field and full resume text search from an easy to use form, but also allows prioritizing candidates for high probability of success in recruitment using an advanced predictive engine.

Adapt to Every Process and Working Style

Multiple workflows and flexible recruitment work distribution
SkillPoint Adaptive Process Workstyle

SkillPoint comes bundled with multiple recruitment workflows to automate working of teams of all sizes and work styles. Role based work distribution allows you to get the maximum results from your team by utilizing the skills of people in most optimal way for the process parts most suited for them.

Build and Strengthen Relationships

High quality communication in every situation
SkillPoint High Quality Communication

By tracking and linking each and every communication with the candidate and the client, SkillPoint puts the complete history in front of everyone working with them. High degree of automation in email communication and resume forwarding allows you to delight your clients with high quality communication on time. Automated greetings and requests further strengthen your business relationships.

Comprehensive Email Integration

Integration with Microsoft Outlook, popular webmail services, and email servers
SkillPoint Email Integration

SkillPoint with its full integration with all popular email services, email servers, and Microsoft Outlook email client ensures that your communication has the best content in context of your recruitment process. Rich-text template based email generation model helps you implement common standards throughout your team.

Effortless Team Management

Advanced insight into your team function in simple steps
SkillPoint Team Management

With a large number of single-click live-data views at their disposal, recruiting managers can get the insight into the functioning of their team very quickly. Not only can one generate summary and listing reports by recruitment status and action, but can also generate ratio and gap analysis reports with the same ease thus putting you on top of the complete picture. SkillPoint automatic report sending engine ensures that you will have your desired reports right on time without any fail.

Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Platform

Freely and securely collaborate with freelancers and franchisees
SkillPoint Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO Platform

SkillPoint comes with an RPO platform which is tightly integrated with its data and security framework to facilitate secure work with your freelancers and franchisees. Complete control over the security of RPO users allows you to precisely define your process and data platform in accordance with your business model.

Supports all popular Devices, OS Platforms, and Browsers

Access your critical platform at all times
SkillPoint on all popular Devices OS Platforms and Browsers

With complete support for all popular desktop platforms and top browsers, and iOS and Android based mobile devices, SkillPoint not only empowers you to access your vital platform at all times, but at the same time enables you to plan your IT infrastructure in accordance with your business requirements.