Benefits - SkillPoint™ Recruiting Software
SkillPoint™ recruiting software offers tremendous benefits to recruitment teams at all levels of the organization. Explore it online here.
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Technology that benefits all recruitment operations

The SkillPoint recruitment platform has been designed ground up to be scalable, flexible, and robust keeping in mind the way recruiters & staffing teams work. It offers the most flexible navigation and recruiting platform for your current and future process needs.

Recruitment Agencies, Staffing Firms

Improve efficiency and increase closings for a team of 100 or a 1 man army

SkillPoint Placement provides a high performance candidate sourcing, recruitment process management and analytic platform to empower your team to tap into the huge growth potential that the placement services segment represents and puts you ahead of the game at every step.


Comprehensive Automation at every step eliminates time consuming manual data entry and reporting tasks thus ensuring significant time saving for your teams.


Full utilization of old and new candidate and process data empowers you to close more positions.


Complete communication platform enhances your client and candidate experience through complete tracking.


Completely integrated data platform and single-click reporting improves success repeatability for experienced and junior team members.

Corporate Internal Hiring Teams

Reduce Cost and Improve Quality of your Talent Acquisition

SkillPoint Corporate simplifies the complex hiring and recruiting process for any corporate HR team by providing an integrated platform for managing the data and process of all its participants including recruiters, hiring managers, approvers, interviewers, and candidates.


Ensures significant time saving through elimination of manual data entry and reporting.


Improves quality of people hired through accurate candidate searches, and referencing of complete recruitment and interview history of each candidate.


Reduces recruitment cost by leveraging your own candidate pool from website, Job Boards, and Social Networks.


Facilitates higher quality and maximum reliability processes through enforcement of Best Recruitment standards within the team.


Complete Communication platform improves Candidate and Vendor relationships.

Freelance/ Franchisee Recruitment Business

Grow beyond your office and team boundaries

SkillPoint Placement enables you to expand your recruitment operations beyond your team and office boundaries by engaging freelancers and franchisee teams into your process.


Open RPO platform which comes out-of-the-box can be utilized with minimal configuration and training.


Tight integration with core security framework allows you to setup specific security terms for required collaboration without compromising your process and data.